More About The Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you say ‘engagement ring’, the picture that comes to mind is probably the classic solitaire, and there’s a host of platinum diamond solitaire ring advice out there to find on the net. This single stone in a metal band has been the classic symbol of engagement to many people for decades. While the style dates back thousands of years- similar ‘solitaire’ settings exist in Ancient Roman jewellery- its modern association with engagement is usually credited to a combination of campaigns from Tiffany & Co and DeBeers.

After all, in older times diamonds were not exactly accessible to the poor and middle class, although the giving of love tokens and ‘poesy’ or promise ring certainly was. Diamonds were gifted among royalty, sometimes in celebration of engagement, with the first true ‘engagement ring’ being credited to the Austrian Archduke in 1477. The rise of the South African diamond mine sin the Victorian era opened up the market for this spectacular gem to common people too.

Today, we tend to think of the round diamond cut as the only one for use in the solitaire ring, but in fact almost any cut of diamond you can imagine can be used beautifully and effectively in a diamond solitaire ring, and often were in the earlier history of the ring. It’s a great way to bring a slightly unique twist to the classic look while still maintaining this favourite style of engagement ring, so do give it consideration.

The classic claw setting is a Tiffany & Co invention of the late 1800s. It’s a stunning look, and one of the best ways to showcase the fire and brilliance of the rock within, but it’s far from the only setting possible, and looking at a different setting is another great way to personalise the process of buying the solitaire engagement ring. For busy women or clumsy hands, consider a low profile setting that’s less inclined to knock or catch.

The traditional engagement ring band was gold, and those who are traditional at heart will still opt for it, loving the warm hue it lends to everything. However, many people do not like the colour hint that gold lends to the diamond it contains, and in addition to its harder properties and easier working, platinum has fast become the default metal for the band of any engagement solitaire ring. There is, of course, also the less considered white gold and rose gold. It’s a personal choice, although do note that platinum is, indeed, less prone to scratches

If you’re not interested in a bespoke ring and can’t find a pre-made style to suit, you can always consider the possibility of bringing in a vintage ring as your engagement ring choice. While this is a far less usual way of finding the perfect ring to celebrate your union, it can be a great way of celebrating your love in an offbeat fashion that will appeal to lovers of vintage, the eco-conscious and those looking for a truly novel find.

Whatever you choose, a classic engagement solitaire ring is a great way to make an enduring statement in a classic way.

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