Dress Colours

birmingham-hotelsonline floral maxi dress

When a woman looks to buy a dress for a special occasion, she will often choose a colour of dress which is appropriate for that occasion but today things are changing. Today there seems to be a trend for women to buy a floral maxi dress 2016 or a maxi dress with solid colours. The reason for this is that many women have discovered that they no need to buy a new dress for each and every different occasion; they can buy one or two that will suffice for any other occasions that may arise as well as the one they are currently buying for. What they have discovered is that maxi dresses are now considered appropriate for almost any occasion and so by just changing the blouse or jacket worn with the maxi dress, they can not only look like they have a new dress but also be dressed appropriately for the occasion. In order to best achieve this new look each time though, buying a maxi dress which has solid colours or is floral, is always the better and easier option for when finding matching blouses or jackets.

One of the reasons why maxi dresses are best for this purpose is that they are usually designed to be worn with additional items such as blouses or jackets and also a maxi dress does not look out of place regardless of the season. High heels and jewelry can make a maxi dress look elegant whilst sandals and a sun hat can make a maxi dress look casual. This no longer needs to leave a woman with a dilemma as to which dress to wear, perhaps just what to wear with the dress. A choice of maxi dresses in the wardrobe and a few varied matching accessories and a woman can be ready for any occasion, any time of day or night, in any season, hot or cold.

Of course though for the maxi dress to look elegant it must be the correct length and fashion gurus agree that the correct length for a maxi dress is one half inch from the floor whilst wearing no shoes. According to these gurus, that is the length that will ensure that a maxi dress looks elegant and fashionable. It should perhaps be noted here that although some taller women may escape criticism for a maxi dress which is slightly shorter, perhaps only coming down to the ankles, it is very unlikely that a shorter woman would.

Hopefully in the future, as more and more women opt to wear maxi dresses for multiple occasions, there will become an even larger selection of maxi dresses available in the stores to choose from. By having just a few maxi dresses in the wardrobe, a woman can still look good on any occasion without the need to buy a new dress for each one. This is also a trend which is being recognized by the fashion houses as they now often feature maxi dresses in all their collections spring, summer, autumn or winter.